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We provide Integrated Web 2.0 solutions and services for educational organizations, companies and corporations.

We primarily utilize OPEN SOURCE software to create a web based collaborative environment that will empower your organization to take advantage of the power of Web 2.0. We help you transform your organization into one which truly integrates the power of Web 2.0 into the structure of your organization to solve the challenges you face.

Teachers4Schools provides services to Educational Organizations - School Districts and Universities as well as Corporations to help them meet their organizational needs.


This site hosts several of our clients' eLearning Portals - Integrated Web 2.0 solutions - as well as other solutions that make up the Teachers4Schools Integrated Web 2.0 solutions for school districts, higher education customers and our corporate customers.

Although each organization has slightly different requirements, we recommend, install, customize and maintain an Integrated Web 2.0 package that can include:
In addition, Teachers4Schools offers Currwikulum Systems to K-12 school districts. These combine a standards-based student information system integrated with the world's most powerful collaborative curriculum engine.

Schools and districts using the Teachers4Schools Currwikulum approach have the ability to:
  • Use individual and group needs drive instruction - Easily and real time!
  • Link learners directly to the resources they need to move forward
  • Provide staff with the ability to amplify their common knowledge for instruction
  • Engage all learners, staff, parents and community members in curriculum work
  • Track and report progress toward goals in both standards-based, and traditional fashion
  • Collect and visualize many types of data for school improvement
  • Develop their own modules for organizational problem solving
  • Harness the power of Open Content and Open Source software together
Contact us for a demonstration of how either an Integrated Web 2.0 or Currwikulum solution package can work for your organization.

To get started on designing a set of solutions for your problems, please email Chick Beckley, Sr. Partner, Teachers4Schools.


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